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Revisional Surgery

Studies show that at 10 years around 50% of Lapband’s have either been removed or are no longer functional. Reasons for Lapband removal are varied but include bands that have slipped, eroded or are causing significant symptoms to the patient such as reflux and vomiting. For this reason Lapband’s are very rarely now used as a weight loss procedure but there are many patients who undergo Lapband removal every year. Unfortunately most people who have there Lapband’s removed will sadly regain most of the weight they have lost and for this reason many of these patients seek revision to another type of weight loss procedure such as gastric bypass. We have performed many successful revisions and in some cases the patients have lost more weight than what they achieved with their original Lapband surgery.

Whilst Sleeve Gastrectomy is by far the most common type of weight loss surgery performed worldwide with excellent results and minimal long term problems there are a proportion of patients who do regain weight longterm and for some of these patients revisional surgery maybe appropriate. For most patients this will mean revision to a Gastric Bypass or in some cases if suitable the SADI procedure which has the best long term results in terms of weight loss and weight regain. Not all patients are suitable for the SADI procedure particularly those patients with significant reflux issues who are generally best converted to a Roux en Y Gastric Bypass.

Deciding which revisional procedure is best for the patient is sometimes complex but with our vast experience and the many different procedures we offer, we will work with you to find the best fit for your individual situation.


• Effective and reliable weight loss

• Average of 65 to 70% excess weight loss out to 10 years

• Performed laparoscopically

• Fast recovery and short hospital stay

Generally most patients will be asked to go on a pre-operative diet.

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